Jammu feeling betrayed

 Jammu feeling betrayed

When the fresh amendment to the land laws was announced by Union Home Ministry youth of Jammu along with pro Jammu parties were busy in protesting against Mehbooba Mufti for her remarks over tricolor.

This changed the entire equation of politics in Jammu region. People of Jammu felt that they have been betrayed by the central government especially by the BJP leadership as they were happy the way parliament abrogated article 370.

“We cannot tolerate such injustice. BJP has betrayed the people of Jammu and we will resist with full force. We are united on this issue; they cannot divide us into parties for defending our land” was the joint message to the media from various political forces of Jammu. They said that in future consultations were on with different political parties in Jammu to give a united response to the new land laws above party lines. Jammu politics has taken a turn and these amendments have made it clear to the people of Jammu that their land was up for sale and they were more vulnerable to such sale then Kashmir valley.

Jammu leadership was looking for a better future post abrogation of article 370 and recently they demanded a separate statehood as they wanted to delink themselves from Kashmir valley and its politics. Now all the political forces in Jammu especially those who were appreciating BJP leadership for snatching special status from the people of Kashmir have now realized that it has been snatched from them also and its impact was more profound on them then the people of valley.

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