Mehbooba reacts

Mehbooba reacts

Mehbooba reacted to multiple challenges while on her first visit to Jammu after she walked to freedom recently as she was detained for 14 months.

She is facing a lot of challenges not only within her party fold but also in Jammu region as the right wing forces have come together to protest against her including showing her black flags in the airport on her arrival.

She recently faced another challenge when some Jammu party leaders resigned over her controversial remarks about tricolor. She said that she will not pick up the flag unless the flag of Jammu and Kashmir was not given back. She equated the central leadership of BJP with dacoits and robbers who according to her snatched the rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir without adhering to legal framework and constitution.

Mehbooba is trying to convey to the people of Jammu that it is a collective fight to get back the rights snatched by the government of India and in this fight they should not feel that it is a fight between nationalists and anti-nationals.

Recently she has separated the two, when she said that they are anti-BJP and not anti-national. She is saying it very clearly that she is not anti-national and has a right to criticize BJP and its policies in Jammu and Kashmir.

Her visit to Jammu is connected with the slated meeting of PAGD as they are going to start the public contact programme in all the three regions of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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