Congress in a fix

Congress in a fix

Congress both at high command level and also at the local level in Jammu and Kashmir have been doing political somersaults in the past weeks in order to do some balancing acts not to hurt the party in Jammu region and also keeping in view Bihar elections.

Bihar elections have proved that Congress is the weakest link in any coalition or alliance and despite maintaining silence over the issues like article 370, CAA and NRC; they have lost most of the seats contested in Bihar.

Basically, Congress has not been able to mirror or appropriate itself politically both at the national level and also in Jammu and Kashmir. They have never been candid to take a stand in favor of minorities or even whether they were happy or unhappy with the scrapping of article 370. They played their own politics over this issue when many of the Congress leaders said that the BJP government has taken the right step by abrogation of article 370 and it was long overdue.

Even the Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been on record saying that he was not against the abrogation of article 370 but about the manner in which it was done by the BJP government.

They are not in a position even to take the credit of being the only party which has weakened article 370 in the past seven decades and have done most of the amendments from the centre to make it completely hollow.

BJP was right when they said that it was only a shell removed by them and Congress maintained only silence and did its old trick of double speak on Kashmir.

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