US policy in South Asia

US policy in South Asia

According to the experts, there would be very little change in the policy of the US regarding South Asia especially about India and their stance on Kashmir. These policy experts have further said that whatever is shaping up in the rest of the world will be having a direct impact on the policies of new political dispensation in America.

People in Kashmir Valley and also the leadership have not shown much joy after the democrats won the elections and Donald Trump will leave White House.

Trump had come to power in 2016 declaring he was a “big fan of Hindu” and a “big fan of India” and developed a good relationship with Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi. They developed friendship and India-US relationships have multiplied in many fields as the White House is keen to check the influence of China in South Asia.

Barring India, China has recently made a new block of 15 countries and is very keen to enhance its influence over South Asia and not allow India and US to develop any kind of influence in order to check them in different fields.

Kashmir and its people have stopped showing any kind of reactions to the events happening around them especially post August 5, 2019. Most of the people are indifferent to the different events happening around them and also about the world especially the change of guard in the United States of America.

Earlier, people of Kashmir were very keen to know about the developments in White House, political discourse in Pakistan and also about New Delhi’s policies. In the recent past, people of Kashmir have not reacted to any event and are showing no signs to speak their heart about the happenings at the global level or at the local level.

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