Congress in fix

Congress in fix

Congress both at Central and at the local level have been two steps forward one step backward over the abrogation of article 370 and about the post abrogation developments in Jammu and Kashmir.

Congress could not be categorical about the stance they have to take over Kashmir at the national level and at the local level. Its central leadership seems divided over this issue as many of them supported the formation of PAGD while the Congress spokesman from Jammu said that controversial statements on the tricolor were intolerable.

Similarly the local Congress is trying to give an impression that they are within the fold of PAGD only for the DDC and panchayat by elections and have nothing to do with its politics for the restoration of article 370.

Even in the parliament at the time of abrogation of article 370, though some leaders talked about its ramifications but most of them provided the silent support and were trying to wriggle out of the situation without hitting any controversy.

Now questions are being asked from the Congress by BJP to explain if they are the part of the platform which according to them is anti-national and have the agenda unacceptable to the people of India.

Congress instead of providing answers to such questions posed by BJP is playing hide and seek instead of giving clear answers as to which side of the fence they belong on the Kashmir issue.

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