Twitter war

Twitter war

Union Home Minister Amit by his recent tweets over the PAGD has triggered a twitter war in Jammu and Kashmir and also at New Delhi. Entire BJP leadership has attacked Congress so much that they have run for the cover and the latest news about them is that they are saying that they have nothing to do with PAGD and have entered into an alliance with them only for seat sharing in the coming DDC elections.

Amit Shah in a blistering attack said that Congress and PAGD together are pushing Jammu and Kashmir back to terror and turmoil and are conspiring with international forces to weaken the country.

He said that this was high time Congress leadership makes its stand clear on the issue of article 370 and about their association with PAGD. Congress said that BJP was spreading lies about them and said they have no relationship with any force which is out to weaken the country.

In such circumstances, JK Congress was forced to issue a clarification that they are not part of the struggle started by PAGD to get back the rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir and for the restoration of article 370.

First is the Bihar election and now the massive attacks launched by the BJP leadership including Union Home Minister Amit Shah, to run for the cover and now they are saying that they have nothing to do with PAGD even after they have signed the Gupkar Declaration twice.

First Congress said that they are the part of struggle and are so afraid of BJP to call them anti-national; they have said they are not part of PAGD and have alliance with them only up to DDC elections.

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