Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface

Jammu region has been on edge in the past few weeks as the youth wings of different right wing organizations have been bringing out protests regularly in the Muslim majority areas and localities saying that people of Jammu will not tolerate land “Jihad”.

These protests have not only brought fears among the Muslims in Jammu region that such propaganda which is baseless can lead to communal violence against them.

After the recent naming of few people in the Roshni Scam by the Jammu administration, a handle has been provided to the right wing elements to exploit the situation and give it a different color.

Administration in Jammu and Kashmir should come out with the entire list of the beneficiaries under the Roshni Scheme of the government as a propaganda has been unleashed in Jammu region that a lot of land was transferred to Muslims which is not a fact according to the figures available in the government domain.

Jammu civil society of Muslims comprising retired bureaucrats, lawyers and doctors have recently in a press conference expressed their fears that the right wing organizations along with other such fringe elements were trying to malign Muslims and are showing them as a main beneficiaries of the scheme.

They have appealed to Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha to intervene in such ugly incidents so that the people get a clear picture as to how and why the Roshni Scheme was implemented and who was the beneficiary of this land transfer.

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