Covid-19 infection has taken alarming proportions not only in Jammu and Kashmir but also in rest of places. Despite lockdown and other such measures, the infection has been spreading claiming many lives. Now there is good news that covid vaccine is available and very soon UK would be the first country to vaccinate its people.

The Central government has said that they will not vaccinate all the people in the near future and the news of the vaccine hitting the markets has enthused people and they see it as an opportunity to save them from this deadly infection.

Recently the Cabinet Secretary, Rajiv Gauba, while chairing a high-level meeting, asked all the States and Union Territories to prepare and maintain a database of the prioritized group of people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine during the initial stages.

This meeting was held in the backdrop of the fact that globally the vaccine would be available now and many countries are mulling to start the vaccination to save their people.

However, it is not possible for the government to vaccinate each and every individual so they are going to vaccinate people according to the priority of the groups they will identify for the vaccine.

In Jammu and Kashmir covid-19 cases are only spreading and the winters have added to the problems of common people as many people get cold and fever during these winter months. Aged people in Kashmir valley are most vulnerable to such infection during winter months and if vaccination is started, such people should get the vaccine in the priority bracket.

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