Delay continues 

Delay continues 

On August 5, 2019, people of Leh rejoiced the decision of the central government to make the Ladakh region as a union territory without legislature. Leadership of Leh especially the Buddhists of the region thought that they have got the real freedom from the government of Jammu and Kashmir.

People of Leh were having a grouse that they were being discriminated by the people of Jammu and Kashmir especially by the people of valley. It was a very old demand by the Ladakh Buddhist association that they should be separated from JK state and declared as a union territory.

After the months of happiness in Leh, finally the people and leadership of Ladakh started getting pensive that there are no laws from them and they have legislature and Lt. Governor along with his administration were taking all the decisions without consulting the people.

This fear finally entered the minds of all the leadership of Leh including the local BJP leaders. They started demanding some special laws on the pattern of article 370 for them so that their land, jobs and culture was preserved.

Basically all these fears came to the minds of people in Leh after some sections of the media reported from different states that very big players in the business were mulling to purchase land in Leh and make it a township for tourism. People of Ladakh region are very touchy about their land and about the preservation of their culture and these reports forced them to make a joint platform along with their Buddhist religious leaders asking the centre not to give access to the business houses to purchase land in Leh.

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