Sonamarg Calling

Sonamarg Calling

Sonamarg meadow also known as meadow of gold is facing the threat of existence as the government has allowed constructions inside the green bowl of this meadow.

These constructions and big hotels coming up have already done the damage to the beauty of this health spot and also to its fragile environment.

Due to the negligence of authorities already the base glacier is under threat in Sonamarg as the Sonamarg development authority was allowing people to go in vehicles deep inside the wild life sanctuary and Thajiwas glacier.

In spite of all these damages to the fragile environment of Sonamarg and in its vicinity to the fresh waters Sindh River, the government is looking other way in order to shirk the responsibility to save this spot from further damage.

The big question remains can the latest high court directions asking the authorities to remove the illegal constructions save this meadow? What is legal for the authorities and for the court? If an influential person has managed permission in the green meadow of Sonamarg he would not be touched even by the court direction. But if someone has failed to get the required permission at the same spot his structure would be demolished.

JK high court has taken path breaking decisions to save this meadow but they should also get the videos of the green bowl of Sonamarg to understand how the authorities have allowed hotels to come up with proper permissions from them and that is the main threat to this meadow.

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