Review petition

Review petition

Much to the surprise of political parties and many of the news channels who were crying that the Roshni act is one of the biggest scams of the country, the JK government has filed a review petition against the annulment of the Roshni Act by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court.

The review petition has surprised one and all as the administration earlier released the lists of beneficiaries while as PAGD leadership accused them of being selective in naming the persons in this scam.

The review petition was filed recently by the government and it says a large number of people would suffer unintentionally including landless cultivators, people residing in small dwellings. “They are unfortunately clubbed along with rich and wealthy land grabbers who have obtained title over state land through the provision of now struck down act,” the review petition further said.

Calling on the Court to distinguish between the two classes of people, the review petition, likely to come up for hearing again as the court on the recent date adjourned to the matter.

The JK administration in the review petition has urged the Court to allow the government to formulate an appropriate mechanism to enable people like landless cultivators and single dwelling owners to continue to remain in possession of their land, subject to appropriate ceiling and on payment at appropriate rates.

If JK high court will give time to the administration to make an appropriate mechanism, naturally the government will seek more time as it will take them a lot of months to distinguish between the landless cultivators between the mighty and the rich.

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