Detained again

Detained again

Former Chief Minister  and PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti has claimed in the recent past that she has been detained and has not been allowed to move out to meet people at different places.

She also uploaded a video recently in which she said that she was detained by police inside her home in spite of the fact that she pleaded with them that she had a meeting in Budgam with all those families who have been evicted from their land holdings.

Now in one of her tweets Mehbooba has said that she has been “detained”, third time in less than a fortnight. On twitter she said, “Illegally detained today for the third time in less than a fortnight. Too much democracy indeed,”

“If my movements are curbed due to ‘security concerns’ then why are BJP ministers allowed to campaign freely in Kashmir while I’ve been asked to wait until the culmination of DDC elections?”

By “too much democracy”, Mehbooba was apparently referring to NITI AAYOG CEO Amitabh Kant’s purported remarks on Tuesday that “tough” reforms are “very difficult in the Indian context,” as “we are too much of a democracy”.

In late November, Mehbooba had claimed that she and her daughter, Iltija Mufti, were placed under house arrest and not allowed to visit the Pulwama residence of party leader Waheed Parra, who was arrested by the NIA.

Continued disruption in her political activities evoked a lot of reactions from the political parties of Jammu and Kashmir and they have said that all this is being done with the Kashmiri leadership only to break their will.

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