After the snowfall

After the snowfall

Life got disrupted including the power supply soon after Srinagar city and other parts of Kashmir witnessed snowfall. Though people were very happy in the morning to see a white blanket all around them but the water logging of roads and frequent disruptions in the power supply has shown once more that Srinagar is yet to be a smart city whatever the claims of the administration.

Low lying areas of Srinagar city get inundated by the waters of snow and also the previous rainfall. There is no proper mechanism still in place in the JK administration to have a hassle free snowfall at least in Srinagar city.

With the start of the winter months there are scheduled and unscheduled power cuts adding to the problems of the people and those patients for whom power supply is very important not only the hospitals but also at homes.

We are already at the end of 2020, but the problems of winter continue to dog us even today though the administration has claimed that they have streamlined the process and there would be complete insulation to the essential services while there is rain and snow in Srinagar city.

Srinagar city is facing multiple problems from solid waste management to the no proper drainage mechanism even in the main city centre which result in water logging. The biggest problem is the frequent cuts in the power supply and it has irked the entire population especially the student community who feel that the government is not taking care of them in the winter months as they need power supply for the studies.

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