Many court verdicts create a lot of ripples in the political circles. One such decision by JK high court regarding the Roshni act has created a lot of heat on the political front especially in the current DDC elections.

BJP has been on the forefront to use the decision of JK high court for their political advantage and have described it as a surgical strike against the “land jihad”.

But this rhetoric has slowed down due to the recent observations by the Supreme Court and high court regarding this matter. JK high court has expressed its concerns about the selective uploading of names of the beneficiaries under this scheme.

Central ministers of BJP who have been accusing PAGD leadership that they were the main beneficiaries and in fact they have grabbed land to the tune of 25000 crores, have now fallen silent after the observations by the JK high court.

The silence is also because of the fact that figures have shown that the majority of Jammu Hindus have been the beneficiaries under the Roshni scheme while the BJP youth wing and other such elements have been calling Muslims in Jammu as the “land jihadis under the Roshni scheme”.

Recently Supreme Court while listening to petitions challenging the J&K high court order on Roshni act has asked the high court to take a decision on the review petitions on December 21, 2020 as the case is listed on that date, because the apex court said that the same matter cannot be listened in both the courts simultaneously.

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