Vaccination preparation

Vaccination preparation

Government of Jammu and Kashmir is clearing all the decks for the covid vaccination in the entire Jammu and Kashmir and for this purpose they have recognized 28 lakh people in the entire UT to be vaccinated on priority in first three phases.

In order to make a proper chain mechanism, the government has evolved a comprehensive strategy to make the administration cohesive for the distribution of covid vaccines.

In this direction recently Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha presided over a meeting in which he was given a powerpoint presentation by commissioner secretary health that how the health department had decided to make the distribution system without any flaws.

He  was informed that a total of 20 Vaccine Logistics & Cold Chain Managers (VCCMs) have been appointed in each district of Jammu and Kashmir, 2 Project Officers and 1 Senior Project Officer is in place post-induction. Vaccine audit has already been conducted for the past 2 years in Jammu and Kashmir by SPO with field inputs from VCCMs which identified the gaps in vaccine inventory and data recording in a few districts. Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) target calculation and data bank of all districts has been completed with the help of VCCMs.

He was also informed that standardized stock and distribution registers have been distributed across all districts and robust data entry both in eVIN and registers have been going on, currently, the focus of eVIN is rationalisation of vaccine distribution across the UT- with identification of zero stocks, shipment of excess stock across the Cold chain points and rationalization of stock flow.

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