Claim of families

Claim of families

Recently police and army said that they were able to avert a major militant strike on Srinagar-Baramulla road by killing three militants near Hokersar Lake.

Soon after the briefing by army and police families of three slain youth came to Srinagar and protested in front of police headquarters claiming that their wards were innocent.

One of the slain youth’s family said that he might have been brought out from a passenger vehicle he had come within admission form to get himself enrolled in a higher class.

The families of the other two youth also said that they were not in the list of police as active militants. The protests by these families have brought a question mark on this encounter and the people have started asking questions about the authenticity of this gunfight.

If the claim of the family is true that they were not involved, will the Governemnt start the probe into this entire encounter? After the claims of the families, the demand for the probe has already multiplied with all the political parties ranging from the national conference to PDP asking for a fair probe.

There is nothing strange in the claims of the family as they have every right to defend their wards and ask for an investigation. It is the duty of the government to clear these doubts of these families and provide them with all the necessary information to set their doubts at rest.

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