Death & destruction

Death & destruction

The devastating spell of heavy snowfall has left a trail of death and destruction in the entire Kashmir valley and people have yet to come in terms with the aftermath of the situation.

Heavy snowfall not only resulted in some deaths but it also destroyed properties and many structures were raised to ground by this heavy snowfall.

There is no trace of administration even in Srinagar city not to speak of rural areas which have been left fend for themselves in such situations.

Even the ambulances could not move out from the rural health facilities and most of the patients were taken on shoulders by the fellow villagers in order to make their journey to the hospitals possible.

Dozens of structures including houses and shops were damaged due to heavy snowfall in Kashmir valley, media reports suggested.

At least twenty seven residential houses suffered partial or substantial damage in Uri and Boniyar villages of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, they said. The houses include four in Nambla, as many in Uri, two in Dani Seydan, five in Jabla, three in Garkoti, as many in Dardkote and Udoosa besides one each in Sultandaki, Mayan Boniyar, Bijhama Boniyar.

Also, reports said a structure of Budoo Poultry farm and two non-residential structures were also damaged in Garkote Uri due to heavy snowfall.

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