Bitterness on ground

Bitterness on ground

The way former chief minister Omar Abdullah recently in a press conference played an audio clip showing how one of their DDC candidates from Shopian, forced to join the Apni Party, is an indicator of bitterness on the ground.

Omar Abdullah said that the mandate given by people of Jammu and Kashmir in the recently held DDC elections was being stolen by fraud and deceit.

Omar is not only the leader who has been very critical of police, administration and JK Apni Party for getting the members out of the fold of other parties.

The National Conference has issued a statement in the recent past accusing JK Apni Party of being the B team of BJP and working for their interests in Kashmir.

In a recent statement the National Conference said, “We fought elections against BJP in J&K whilst being part of NDA and were notably able to keep them at bay. We didn’t allow them to make inroads into J&K. On the contrary the PAGD alliance led by Dr Farooq sahib was not even allowed to campaign properly. Most of our contesting candidates were kept locked up in hotels. Despite that people gave a clear cut mandate in favor of PAGD. The DDC results attested to the universal acceptance of PAGD across J&K. Far from accepting the defeat, the team B of BJP is using nasty methods to grab power in Kashmir by hook or crook.”

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