Will it start?

Will it start?

Will New Delhi acknowledge the ground realities of Kashmir and start the process of dialogue with all the political parties to look for a permanent way forward.

Such questions are not only being asked by common people but also by the intelligence experts like Former RAW Chief  and Kashmir expert A S Dulat in a recently written article in a newspaper Dulat has suggested to the government of India not to miss the opportunity creates by the results of DDC elections to start a genuine political process.

“Almost 200 local boys mainly from South Kashmir have joined militancy in the last one year, not for azaadi or Pakistan but in the name of Allah. These figures are higher than any time since 2007. Pakistan too is back fishing once again in the troubled waters of Kashmir, (sic)” he said in an article titled -Kashmir looks ahead at a winter of discontent published in Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

“The security forces have suffered substantial losses. Suicide and fratricide among the forces, particularly the CRPF, who are in the thick of the anti-terror war, has grown due to stress, duress and trauma due to long-term duties in unfamiliar surroundings, (Sic)” Dulat further said in the article.

He asked New Delhi to demonstrate accommodation, grab the opportunity, and break the lockjam in Kashmir.

“The recently concluded District Development Council elections may provide a silver lining. Kashmir can always change overnight. Election results rarely, if ever, satisfy everybody in J&K; such is its arithmetic, but the recent results have been almost perfect providing an opportunity for peace, reconciliation, and resolution.


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