Dangerous situation

Dangerous situation

The JK administration has been very prompt in announcing certain restrictions for the movement of children and youths on the frozen surface of Dal Lake.

Not knowing about how deep is the crest over the surface of Dal Lake, many children and youth have started moving on its surface, which is a dangerous trend for the future of winters.

Due to the sub zero temperatures many water bodies in the Valley, including the world famous Dal Lake, have frozen. The authorities in Srinagar, said that moving on this thin layer of ice, particularly on the Dal Lake, is very risky and can result in slips, falls, fractures and fatal injuries.

The JK government further said that when the thickness of ice is less than 4 inches, it is very unsafe to walk on it and the ice can break, resulting in drowning.

Parents should also discourage their children from going on such misadventures on the surface of Dal Lake as it can result in very tragic incidents.

It is the duty of authorities, especially police to guard the Boulevard road and not allow people especially children to take such grave risk. Government must put a ban on the walking of any person on the frozen rim of Dal Lake so as to avoid any tragic incident.

The basic responsibility is on the police to disallow children and youth as they are already keen to walk over Dal Lake which is already frozen.

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