Taking The Covid-19 Vaccine? No Alcohol For 45 Days, Advise Experts

Taking The Covid-19 Vaccine? No Alcohol For 45 Days, Advise Experts

Those who are planning to get vaccinated against Covid-19 should prepare themselves for a 45-day sober streak. According to reports alcohol can adversely affect one’s immune system and experts have advised all those taking the coronavirus jab to restrain from drinking for a few couple of weeks.

According to an advisory issued by the national Covid Task Force chairman Dr MK Sudarshan, in order to completely benefit from the Covid-19 vaccine, recipients have been asked to stay away from liquor to let their immune system develop sufficient antibodies.

According to experts the two shots of most Covid-19 vaccines have to be taken between a gap of 30 days and one’s immune system develops antibodies to fight the virus only after two weeks after being administered the second shot.

“The immune response to the vaccine will be hindered if alcohol is consumed. So, I have been suggesting that as per the evidence, one must stay away from liquor in order to gain the full effect and benefit of vaccination. As per the current data, the antibodies are developed 14 days after the second vaccine dose. Hence it is better to stay away from drinking for 45 days,” Sudarshan told Bangalore Mirror.


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