The National Conference is the main punching bag for all its opponents and also for its own units of newly formed PAGD due to certain reasons. While president of PAGD Farooq Abdullah has been very critical of New Delhi, his son and important leader of National Conference is soft peddling with New Delhi especially with BJP in order to emerge as the only sane voice among the mainstream political leaders.

Omar Abdullah has come under the barrage of criticism right from the article he has written in a national daily, indicating that his party was ready for assembly elections.

When he could not bear the criticism, he distanced himself from the elections and started toeing the line of his father that only the restoration of article 370 was their goal.

Then he again tasted his popularity and acceptability when he tweeted about china and the growing love for china both from his father and also from the common people of Kashmir.

He got so much negative of response that he deactivated his twitter handle for some time. It is only because of Mehbooba Mufti and her attitude after the release from the jail that the activities of Omar Abdullah and his utterances went unnoticed in the amalgam of PAGD.

Omar Abdullah again came in the focus of both media and other units of PAGD when he put his foot down on the distribution of tickets for the recent DDC elections which not only resulted in rebellions within many mainstream political parties of PAGD but also resulted in fielding in proxy candidates by all the parties almost in entire Kashmir valley.

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