Development in focus

Development in focus

Even after the abrogation of article 370 on August 5, 2019, there has been no change in the working of bureaucracy and engineering wings in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pace of development has been slower and it further slows down due to the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Amid this administrative inertia, a 31 parliament member visited Jammu and Kashmir to see how overall developmental projects will pick pace and how they can be completed within the timeline.

They also wanted to have feedback from the ground as they talked with tourism, culture and transport sectors. They assured the tourism stakeholders of Kashmir that Srinagar-Jammu highway would be improved to international standard and there would be no disruptions on this surface connectivity in near future.

Whenever this only surface link between Kashmir and the rest of country closed by heavy snow and landslides, various private airlines and the government owned airlines also have not been able to control soaring prices during the closure of highway it results in hundreds of people getting struck either in Jammu or in Srinagar as they cannot effort such a price rise in air ticket.

The tourism organizations of Kashmir briefed the parliamentary delegation that for any tourism Srinagar-Jammu highway should be disruption free throughout the year.

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