Gas pipeline

Gas pipeline

In today’s budget, the government of India has decided that they will undertake a gas pipeline project in Jammu and Kashmir. It would be really a game changer if such a project is not only undertaken but completed within the timeline.

There has been a lot of talk about the acceleration of developmental projects in Jammu and Kashmir but due to the covid-19 pandemic many of such projects could not be undertaken while work has been started on some of the projects but the extra push is missing.

Jammu and Kashmir has huge potential in various spheres especially in the hydroelectric projects. Regarded as clean energy, the potential of Jammu and Kashmir in this field is very less.

Only recently government has given a nod for one of the mega hydroelectric projects in Kishtwar while the fact remains that this project could have been started a decade back.

Even after many projects of hydroelectricity have been completed in Kashmir valley, the people of Kashmir have yet to see any of the benefits of such projects as a little snow and rain plunges most of Kashmir into darkness.

Coming back to the gas pipeline project one should hope that it does not remain only as an announcement in the parliament but it is translated into reality as soon as possible.


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