There have been frequent disruptions in the normal life in Kashmir in the past so many years and it is almost now a new normal for our coming generations.

Even the daily life is being disrupted by many factors and all of them are connected with the governance system. Even in summers Srinagar- Jammu highway gets closed for days together and we get the official response that very soon this problem would be solved on a permanent basis.

In the current winter, Srinagar Jammu highway remained disrupted for most of time and it resulted in multiplied problems not only in Kashmir valley but also in the Jammu region.

The frequent disruptions in the highway especially during the winters has resulted in a lot of scarcity of essential items and it also resulted in a lot of price hike of daily use items like fresh vegetables, chicken, mutton and even the milk.

In the winter months, people of Kashmir from the past so many years are left to fend for themselves as the rulers go to the winter capital of Jammu and these problems were being faced by the common people even during the previous political dispensations.

Even after more than seven decades, Kashmir is still waiting for an all weather road to connect them with the rest of the world and this road which is the only surface link so far gets closed even during the summers speaks volumes about how the basic amenities for common people are getting better in Kashmir valley.


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