Efforts on

Efforts on

Traders of Jammu and Kashmir especially connected with the tourism trade are very happy with the restoration of 4G services. Thousands of families connected to tourism especially in the Kashmir valley are waiting desperately for the season to pick as there has been no tourism here for the past 18 months.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir has intensified its efforts to increase the footfall of the tourists as nature has been very kind to the valley during this winter season because of huge spells of snow.

Even after heavy spells of snow in the Kashmir valley, tourist traffic is not picking up and hoteliers are waiting eagerly for tourists. Hoteliers and houseboat owners are faced with multiple problems as they have been without any business since August 5, 2019, when the government abrogated article 370 followed by a clampdown to control the situation.

The government also did not allow people to travel here as an official ban was imposed on tourist and yatries to leave Kashmir within 24 hours on August 4, 2019.

There has been very little trade in Kashmir and after the lockdown of pandemic, life was paralyzed for months together here leaving no room for the daily wagers and a good chunk of the population to earn their living.

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