Restoration of statehood

Restoration of statehood

The voices for the restoration of statehood for Jammu and Kashmir are becoming more louder for each passing day. Even the JK Apni party led by Altaf Bukhari is vociferous for statehood and elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

JK Apni party which is being accused by PAGD as the B team of BJP is a day in and day out demanding elections in Jammu and Kashmir and also the statehood.

But all the indication for New Delhi suggests that the UT status for Jammu and Kashmir is going to stay for some time more as some bill and laws passed recently show that BJP is in no hurry either for holding the election or for the restoration of statehood.

For the recall of the event, when the BJP government abrogated article 370, Union Home Minister Amit Shah promised on the floor of the house that UT status for Jammu and Kashmir is temporary and as soon as peace and order have restored, it would be back as a state.

Central government has also set up a delimitation commission not only for Jammu and Kashmir but also for the northeast, in order to reorganize some assembly segment.

BJP unit of Jammu is very keen for the delimitation process to be completed before the elections are held in Jammu and Kashmir as they are hopeful that the Jammu region will get more assembly segment.

In such circumstances it seems that the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir would not restore so soon and the voices for the elections here will have to have as indicator for New Delhi says so.

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