Flood impact

Flood impact

The devastating floods in September 2014, are still viewed in the memory of people in Jammu and Kashmir. Death, devastation, and destruction were everywhere in the Kashmir valley and the impact of its miseries remained for years.

There were many measures suggested by the experts to avoid recurrence of such floods especially in Srinagar city as the river Jehlum passes through it.

Many river bases have been converted into housing colonies and the traditional Kendzaal area of Pulwama to through surplus water into that low lying area is no longer an option before the authorities.

In order to save the Srinagar city from the future threats of such floods even after six years the authorities have failed to implement the suggestion on the ground given by experts in order to save the city from such devastation.

The recent devastation in Uttarakhand by a glacier cut is a sad reminder as Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh as similar circumstances in the upper regions.

Scientists have been warning that glacier melts can result in lakes in the upper reaches and it would be having the only disaster in store for this region.

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