Increasing footfall

Increasing footfall

In the past few months especially during the severe days of winter, many people who visited Kashmir valley became the great ambassadors for Kashmir valley and it resulted in a lot of tourism here.

There is a lot of hope for the people connected with tourism in Kashmir valley that this spring season would be a huge bet for them to come out of the economic crisis.

Will this season last as there is the slide in the situation and such incidents really bring a wave of fear among the visitors and also among the stakeholders of tourism?

After years of no footfall of tourists in Kashmir valley, for the first time in February, the tourism industry here was brimming with confidence that this year, they will be having a huge tourist rush.

According to the travel agents who are operating from Kashmir, the outlook for the coming months is very promising and it is a great relief for those people who are dependent on this tourist season to come out of the debt trap as they have been at the receiving end of the situation.

Authorities on August 4, 2019, through a government order asked all the Amarnath pilgrims and tourists to leave Jammu and Kashmir within 24 hours especially from the Kashmir valley as it was the middle of the season it really resulted in economic crisis and since then there has been no season till date.

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