Increase in fuel prices

Increase in fuel prices

There has been a steep rise in the fuel prices in the past few months including on cooking gas, petrol, diesel etc. It has impacted the common people in Jammu and Kashmir and the visible impact is on those families who have got the gas connection under the central scheme of Ujwala and have failed even to pay for the refilling of these gasĀ  connections.

The drop in the gas consumption is visible in those families who have no means of income even to go for refilling of the gas cylinders and thus they are back to going for wood as the alternate means to cook their meals.

The hike in the petrol and diesel prices has shown a visible impact on the common people in Jammu and Kashmir and now its impact is visible even on the passenger transport.

When they recently said that they will go for indefinite strike pushing for a hike in the fares, the JK government without considering the financial conditions of common men in Jammu and Kashmir, decided to hike the fares by 19% and this hike is to be paid by an average citizen of Jammu and Kashmir and not by the government.

Who is availing the passenger transport in Jammu and Kashmir? These are the people who cannot afford their own private transport and the latest hike in the fares will certainly impact their lives.

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