Tourism efforts

Tourism efforts

In the past few months especially from November 2020, there have been a lot of activities to bring back tourists to Kashmir valley after the slump of over 18 months.

These efforts were at various levels but the main thrust of these efforts was from the local tourist stakeholders, who really worked hard at various levels to bring back tourists.

It was purely their hard work which gave them fruits in such months of winter when the Kashmir during the best of days has never seen such healthy tourism here.

After the pandemic many celebrities and people who matter in social circles decided to spend some time in the severe winters of Kashmir to enjoy snow and also the sub zero temperatures which prevailed for many weeks here.

Due to the social media, they uploaded their pictures in Kashmir amid snow and half frozen Dal Lake. These pictures went viral and attracted a lot of attention from the people who were curious to come here and enjoy their holidays.

These celebrities helped Kashmir tourism as they became its ambassadors to the outside world and soon Kashmir tourism started picking up.



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