DDC members

DDC members

Media circles have started talking about the DDC elections and the protests by the DDC members about their perks and ranks. Most of the mainstream political parties have extended their support to these members and have said that before the elections the government said that they will get all the power but now their wings have been clipped.

Political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir have said that the government should listen to DDC members as they have already threatened the government with their mass resignation if their demands were not met.

Power to the grass roots as promised by the BJP government is not being translated to reality according to the protesting DDC members who are demanding cabinet rank for the chairpersons of the DDC councils.

The protests by the DDC members are only increasing even as the government has done some amendments in its previous order as the members are demanding all the power promised to them.

Mainstream political leaders have appealed the government to fulfill its promises that will empower grassroots democracy. The DDC members are not happy with the honorarium  given by the government and they also want security to them so that they can function in the places like the rural areas in Kashmir.

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