The central government has allowed several foreign delegations to Kashmir post abrogation article 370, on August 5, 2019. Erase the apprehensions among the diplomats about the ground situation in Kashmir, these visits were organized by the government and these diplomats were allowed to meet several delegations in Kashmir valley in order to understand the ground situation.

Post these visits, many of the diplomats have expressed their views after the visit to Kashmir valley. in this connection European Union (EU) Ambassador to India Ugo Astuto who has twice been to Kashmir as part of the foreign envoys’ visit after the scrapping of Article 370 said the people in the Valley are now looking towards the “organization” of the legislative assembly and highlighted that it is crucial to have freedom of expression in democracies and open societies.

These comments have come at a time when the political voices are raised in Jammu and Kashmir for the early elections and for more powers to the recently elected DDC members.

Recently these members have held protests at a number of places that they should be given all the powers as promised by the government before the election. The Central government has not given any time frame either for the holding of elections or for the restoration of statehood as promised by them on the floor of the house.


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