DDC members have been protesting after the recent government directions regarding their perks and protocol. They have even told the media that they are ready to resign collectively if the government will not heed to their demands.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha did the required intervention in this matter and decided to meet the protesting DDC members in order to redress their grievances.

His intervention came at a time when these members got the support from all the mainstream political parties including the JK unit of BJP. Cutting across the party lines, these members have demanded the powers promised by the government to them before the elections as they have been elected by the people.

In this entire episode, the role of bureaucracy in Jammu and Kashmir came into focus of mainstream political parties and these elected DDC members. All of them have accused the JK administration of trying to curtail their power in order to get these powers for themselves as in absence of an elected government they have no accountability.

Even the JK Apni Party President Altaf Bukhari has accused the JK administration of uprooting the democratic edifice of Jammu and Kashmir for their vested interests.


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