Fear of covid

Fear of covid

The second wave of covid-19 is becoming visible in Jammu and Kashmir also. Many travelers have tested positive as the authorities have decided to check the virus at least at the airport.

The present spike in the cases has shown that fear of covid is real and the authorities are also trying their best to contain this new wave at the source but the travelers who are coming by road or from the en-route destinations are a big threat for the spread of covid-19 in Kashmir valley.

The fear of covid is also hanging on the educational institutions in Kashmir valley even as authorities have decided to open even the schools at primary level here.

The private coaching institutions, the places and the clinics where the doctors are doing private practice could be the sources of fresh waves of this infection in Kashmir valley and the administration has not taken any visible steps so far to contain this virus if it attacks the population here.

Already the experts and doctors have warned that there are new variants of this virus and they even escape the tests being done by the government to know whether any person is infected or not.

In such circumstances, the fears about the spread of infection are only increasing with each passing day and it was the same month of March in the previous year when the authorities in Srinagar city decided to go for a lockdown to contain the infection.



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