Local Agri-products

Local Agri-products

Jammu and Kashmir has a lot of local Agri-products which are yet to be properly branded and marketed so that the farmers get a healthy amount for such products.

Recently UT administration has taken a number of steps in this direction and even Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha called upon all stakeholders for doubling the efforts for branding and marketing of the local Agri-products.

Jammu and Kashmir has to move also in the direction of technology so that the farmers get the latest techniques of enhancing their products for the market.

There is a need for seamless extension of technology from Lab to Field for bringing long term and revolutionary changes in the agriculture sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

In the field agriculture and horticulture assistants will have to enhance their efforts so as to keep a focus on strategic and professional approach for Branding and Marketing of local products to increase the income of farming community especially in Kashmir valley.

Recently the government has conducted a Kisan Mela in order to bring changes in the lives of farmers so that they understand the modern methods and also get a know how about their marketing of products.



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