Move forward

Move forward

People of Jammu and Kashmir have been closely watching the growing indications of Indo-Pak friendship in the recent past. The thaw in the relationship came with the announcement of a ceasefire agreement between the DGMO’s of India and Pakistan giving much needed relief to the border residents from the growing incidents of cross border firing.

It was a sudden development as post August 5, 2019, the relationship between India and Pakistan saw a new low and both the countries were on the path of confrontation.

There were hundreds of ceasefire violations on both sides of the border resulting in death and destruction of those villages which came under such impact.

In the recent past people of Jammu and Kashmir especially those living near the border have praised the efforts of the government for making it possible for them to live a normal life as most of them had to live in the underground bunkers due to the hundreds of incidents of cross border shelling.

The border residents suffered both economically and also many of them were killed and dozens of them were injured in such incidents of cross border shelling.

People of Jammu and Kashmir would be more than happy if India and Pakistan move forward on the path of friendship and talk peace and allow the common people to have the fruits of peace.


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