Good beginning

Good beginning

In the recent past both India and Pakistan by their mutual statements have shown that they are on the path of friendship and have moved together to great length to achieve this goal.

The latest in this direction has been the letter being quoted in some media circles by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his counterpart in Pakistan saying that New Delhi was very keen for neighborly relations with Islamabad.

In the letter Prime Minister have expressed hope that both the countries will move on the path of togetherness and will move forward to live as civilized neighbors, such developments have been taking place between India and Pakistan in recent past and it all began with the ceasefire agreement done by the DGMO’s of both the countries.

This ceasefire agreement has been the first practical step taken by both New Delhi and Islamabad on the ground to move on the path of dialogue.

Both the countries have decided to strictly adhere to the ceasefire agreement and it has been a big relief to the people living in the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir as they have been facing the brunt of the situation.

If the dialogue process goes in the right direction, it would be a huge step taken by both the countries and it would be a real treat for the people of Jammu and Kashmir who have been suffering a lot in the past due to the hostility between them.


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