Furthering peace

Furthering peace


Mainstream political parties of Jammu and Kashmir have been praising the latest bilateral bonhomie between India and Pakistan and have expressed hope that it would be a big relief for the common people.

PDP chief and former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti has praised the latest letter written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his counterpart in Pakistan expressing the desire for furthering the peace process.

It is not only the Mehbooba Mufti but almost all the mainstream political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir who have appreciated the latest developments between India and Pakistan to embark on the path of peace and mutual friendship.

Recently the main political dispensation of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference welcomed the renewed bilateral engagement between India and Pakistan, saying the end of hostilities between the two nations will have a major impact on the furtherance of peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

Such expression of furthering peace in the subcontinent shows the deep down anguish among the people of the valley who have been at the receiving end of the situation from the past so many decades.

They have seen death and destruction and also a lot of economic depression due to the hostility between India and Pakistan. People of Jammu and Kashmir would be the primary beneficiaries of any permanent peace between the two neighboring countries.


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