Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism

In the past two decades there have been efforts though slow to bring Jammu and Kashmir on the adventure tourism map. But in the recent past the JK administration has tried to clear the bottlenecks for eco tourism and adventure tourism to flourish especially in all seasons.

Adventure tourism could only pick in Gulmarg slopes during the winters and even in the past, high end tourists used to come for heli-skiing. They were all from Europe and due to the prevailing circumstances along with the advisories in the different embassies discouraging visits to Kashmir, such high end tourists no longer prefer to come to the valley during winters for skiing.

However, in the recent winters Kashmir witnessed a huge rush of tourists during the freezing temperatures and snow. Most of them headed for Gulmarg and stayed in this slop valley of snow for days.

In the same season of winters a lot of tourists’ stayed in half frozen Dal Lake and enjoyed nature from this water body and also visited many other destinations as Kashmir was snow covered for weeks during the winters.

Adventure tourism has huge potential especially in Kashmir and the government must clear the decks for this sector of tourism to flourish and it will give new life to the tourism industry in Kashmir especially to the tourists’ guides who have a lot of knowledge about the trekking routes around Kashmir valley.


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