Growing infection

Growing infection

There is a sharp increase in the covid-19 cases as a second wave is becoming more visible in the entire Jammu and Kashmir though Kashmir valley is under heavy impact of the infection.

While the vaccination is going on according to the directions of the Union Health Ministry, there is a need to allow people of all ages to get vaccinated as soon as possible so that the second curve of covid-19 could be reversed.

However, the government in Jammu and Kashmir is working according to the directions of the central government and has not taken any local decisions to curb the impact of this fresh wave of covid-19.

Jammu and Kashmir administration must learn from those places where they have been able to take immediate measures to curb the spread of infection without going for any lockdown.

Bureaucracy played its own cards in Jammu and Kashmir regarding the spread of infection and they were trying to normalize the situation as much as they could.

At the first instance they allowed the private coaching centers to operate despite stiff opposition from parents and students. Online mode was best suited as there were already reports of spread of second wave of covid-19 in many places.



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