Government schools

Government schools

Government run schools in Jammu and Kashmir are facing the crisis having very less roll of students. In Kashmir valley most of the people even from the lower middle class prefer to send their wards to the private educational institutions as they feel that there is no environment for the imparting of education in the government run schools.

Whether it is tried or it is a growing perception among the common people about the government schools is still a matter of debate but the fact remains that despite the figures recently shown by the government, they are spending over 12 thousand crores on the government run schools in Jammu and Kashmir.

What is ailing this education system of the government? Are teachers in the government run schools only coming to get their pay and perks and they know that even the poor performance cannot be the reason for them to be shown the door from the government service.

Recently, a remote school of the government in Tral did some innovation in their school to get a better roll of students. The teachers and the headmaster pooled their own money and purchased the vehicle as most of the parents in the villages nearby told them that they have no time to drop and fetch their wards from the government school.

Their effort has paid them as more students have enrolled themselves in this government school of Tral. Is it a wake up for the government?


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