Medical emergency

Medical emergency

Due to the rise in covid cases in Jammu and Kashmir especially in Srinagar city the government started to show the response to this crisis. In this direction recently Health Services Department Kashmir has cancelled sanctioned or under consideration leaves of all medical staff in wake of surge in covid cases.

There would be a lot of challenges to be faced by the medical fraternity in Kashmir as the first covid wave has taught many lessons to both doctors and other paramedical staff.

People who have got the infection of covid-19 are also taking all the necessary steps to go for the treatment at home and unless they do not see the necessity to move to the hospital, they are trying to isolate themselves at the home till they get recovered.

Covid surge has shown that there are a lot of tourists who tested negative at the Srinagar airport finally tested positive and unfortunately some of them died in covid hospital of Srinagar.

Government should take the problem head on and announce the decisions for the combating of the virus as soon as possible so that the social gatherings are banned and the sources of infection like the overcrowding busses are not allowed to carry on as usual.

If the government will act seriously and on time there is a possibility that the doctors and paramedical staff available here would be able to cope up with the rush of the patients and if the curve is not flattened it may prove dangerous for the patients and for the doctors.


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