April showers

April showers

April showers are nothing unusual in Kashmir valley as in the past during the spring season there used to be heavy spell of rains and it was always predicted by the elders that this will result in a good harvesting season.

Now the April showers are becoming dreadful for the people of Srinagar city and other parts of Kashmir as the poor management of rain water conservation is resulting not only in flash floods in some upper reaches but in the lower areas it results in flood like situation.

People of Srinagar city no longer enjoy the April showers as most of the localities in the recent past have been made in the low lying areas without any planning from the government and many of these localities have been developed by the private builders and land mafia over the wetlands.

The results are very bad for the residents who live in these localities which are in the low lying areas. Even after the tall claims by the administration that they are going to make Srinagar a smart city, a single spell of rainfall makes people dread out from their homes as it creates a flood like situation.

In the rural areas, there is a not rain water conservation project and with the result the heavy spell of rains not only results in landslides but also flash floods like situations which impact the properties and also the farm lands of the people.


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