Fresh amends

Fresh amends


After the protests by the DDC members that even after being elected they were not being given the due status and free hand by the administration to work for the people at the grass root level, the government has done some fresh amends in the previous directions.

DDC members after the elections have asked for not only better perks security, but also for the due status in the protocol so that they are not being run by the bureaucrats on the ground.

After their protests they were invited for talks by Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha who asked them not to go on the path of protests and assured that their all demands and grievances would be looked into and addressed.

He asked the administration to provide full support to the newly elected DDC members so that they can perform on the ground and start doing the work for the common people as they have a connection with the ground.

Lt. Governor also assured them that they will be given not only the powers but also all the assistance from his administration so that the DDC members can change the pace of development on the ground and start making their own projects in the villages and implement their all plans for the betterment of people living in rural areas.

Now DDC members will have to work on the ground and start doing what they want to do for the betterment of people and mitigate their grievances at the earliest.


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