Sense of alienation

Sense of alienation


Is Jammu and Kashmir suffering from a sense of alienation or is it only for the political parties a point to make as they are out of power especially the parties like NC, PDP and Congress.

Post abrogation of article 370, in 2019, there was a massive clampdown and most of the political leaders including former chief ministers were put behind the bars.

But the situation by and large remained normal on the law and order front and for the first time the government was able to stop any violent protests though they dispatched a lot of paramilitary companies to maintain this order.

Alienation among the masses can be only gauged by the people who are connected with the ground and in the past few years even the media people who have been moving around in Jammu and Kashmir have found it difficult to get anything from the common people after talking to them.

This sense of alienation has reached a stage when the common people in Jammu and Kashmir refuse to give vent to their feelings and have decided to remain silent.

Have they really anything to say or is the government really responsible for their silence are some of the questions which have no easy answers in Jammu and Kashmir especially in Kashmir valley.


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