Maintaining ceasefire

Maintaining ceasefire


In the past there have been appeals and demands and sometimes listened to by the central government to announce Ramadan ceasefire as a relief to the people living in the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

But in this holy month of Ramadan there is already a ceasefire existing between the two neighboring countries and the armies on the both sides of the border have so far maintained this new ceasefire agreement.

After a lot of secret talks and detailed negotiations, DGMO’s of both New Delhi and Islamabad announced this fresh ceasefire agreement and said that they will try to maintain it on the ground.

So far the ceasefire agreement has worked and not a single incident of ceasefire violation from either side has been reported so far. This ceasefire has really brought a lot of cheers on the faces of people who live near the border and they have after months of uneasiness seen a calm in their lives.

Recently the border people have welcomed such agreements and have expressed hope that this fresh ceasefire agreement should work during the summers so that they can go to their lands and start farming and other activities.



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