Inching to friendship

Inching to friendship

Though the steps taken by India and Pakistan are very slow and tiny but the fact of the matter remains that post abrogation of article 370 it seemed that the two countries were on the path of confrontation and the relationship was on a new low.

There have been efforts and the media has been reporting that UAE has played its part to bring down the temperatures not only on the borders but also in the rhetoric between New Delhi and Islamabad.

According a news gathering agency Reuters, reporting from New Delhi and Islamabad, UAE Foreign Ministry played a crucial role in the India and Pakistan peace process, the new revelations suggest that Dubai actually played host to a bilateral meeting. The meeting that took place in January 2021 was attended by top intelligence officials of the two countries, the Reuters have claimed in its report.

The report further said that it was actually the meeting of intelligence agencies at the top level and it finally resulted in ceasefire agreement though the disagreements between the two countries cannot vanish in one meeting.

These efforts are being lauded by many foreign countries and most of the global leaders have welcomed the fresh efforts of peace between India and Pakistan. Will this fresh effort get roots and will it result in a comprehensive dialogue between them to discuss all issues?


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