Administrative mechanism

Administrative mechanism

The JK administration has been very keen to set right the administrative mechanism at various levels and have tried to make the government employees accountable on various fronts.

For this purpose in the past few months all the investigative agencies have been told to expedite the cases of alleged corruption, misuse of official position by many officers of Jammu and Kashmir during their tenure of various wings of administration.

The JK administration has also tried to clear the “dead wood” from various wings of the government and in this direction they have forcefully retired very non performing employees.

In order to make the governance visible, the government is trying to convey to the common people in Jammu and Kashmir that any laxity on the part of the government employees would not be tolerated.

In this holy month of Ramdhan two engineers were attached in the PDD department for not keeping the electric supply for the people during the Sehri and Iftar timings.

All these decisions of the government are indicating that, Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha is very keen to streamline the administration and make the government employees accountable so that they respond to the grievances of common people on the ground.

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