Moving forward

Moving forward

India and Pakistan are trying to leave behind decades of acrimony and hostility. This is not an easy task for both the countries as the trust is missing even today between the two countries even as they are trying to engage each other.

Recent media reports have suggested that Pakistan is willing to move forward on the path of friendship and is keen to start a formal bilateral dialogue.

Al Jazeera in its in-depth report about the recent forward movement between India and Pakistan has said that Pakistan is waiting for India to take some steps in a positive direction before they move closer to a formal bilateral dialogue.

In a surprise development recently, India and Pakistan held informal talks with intelligence set ups and it resulted in a fresh commitment to the ceasefire agreement signed by the two countries in the year 2003.

Though the forward movement is very slow, the fresh ceasefire agreement has witnessed silent borders and thousands of families living on both sides of the ceasefire line have witnessed a respite especially in this holy month of Ramdhan.

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